What do you need to know about betting?

Good and bad betting habits

We are all made up of different habits - good and bad. The good ones always lead you to the goal, the bad ones slow you down on this path. All this also applies to professional betting. Let us analyze with specific examples the influence of both on the bettor's rates.


You chose a bet and won, but experts predicted a different outcome of the event. Whom to trust? To cappers or to a personal "chuyke"?


There is no definite answer to this question. There is Mrs. Fortune, and only she decides who to make happy.

A combination of many factors is important in betting - knowledge, experience, analysis, etc. It is difficult to predict which of them will be decisive in the result. Luck is never permanent and it is very rash to rely only on it. Don't confuse intuition with luck.

Even an experienced player makes mistakes. And parsing them requires careful understanding and analysis. Do not attribute magical or supernatural properties to yourself or others. 90% of any talent is labor. And the professionals are talented workaholics.


Do not “wang”, “Third eye” is not open for everyone. Intuition is only justified when there is no time for reflection. This is force majeure, a threat to life, where an instant response is required. In all other cases, take on a cold-blooded calculation. We do not urge you to abandon your intuition, we advise you not to follow it blindly.

Eliminate the “halo effect”. Everyone knows that Brazilian football is a trend, but not every footballer is Pele. But the trail of victories of the Brazilian team still affects their reputation, which is being driven by an inexperienced player. This applies to absolutely all sports.

Another misconception is “Former sports star - star coach”. The history of sports often proves the opposite to us! These prevailing stereotypes influence the choice. 



  • “Include your head,” not just your feelings.
  • You should read the section for a beginner
  • Don't follow your intuition blindly
  • Analysis, composure are the basic rules when choosing a bet.


If you are still an inexperienced bettor, study all the information in the beginner's help section beforehand. 


Usually, novice bettors take into account the opinion of professional cuppers when choosing a bet. They are experts in forecasting fights, giving predictions for profitable bets.

If you follow the advice of the best, the chances of success are increased. This applies not only to beginners, but also to experienced players. Simply because one individual cannot grasp and scan a huge information field. Each business must have its own professionals. Although they also have the right to make a mistake and none of them will give you a 100% guarantee on the outcome of events. We often need forecasts to make a final decision.

“He who is informed is armed” - remember this wise thought.


As a result, every bettor dreams of becoming successful and making a huge fortune on it. As in any field, dreams come true not for everyone, but for talented and persistent ones.

History shows examples of great success. People-geniuses who, on the basis of forecasts, were able to break the system and make a fortune exist.


“Guru” Patrick Veitch is the richest capper in the world. A genius, he almost always accurately predicts any event. His secrets are secret, his abilities are beyond the reach of the average mind. But the guru claims that it is possible to repeat his millionth success. Desire, perseverance and work, as before, are the three pillars of success.


Who are they? X-men or ordinary people? Without a doubt, professional people are extraordinary personalities. They are distinguished by a sharp mind, phenomenal memory, mega intuition and, of course, a penchant for mathematical analysis. Each of them has its own strategy and forecasting system. Of course, this is primarily the presence of talent, just like in sports. 



  • Learn the basics, be patient and constantly improve.
  • Love what you do.
  • Always stick to the chosen strategy.
  • Eliminate the excitement. Cold-blooded calculation and passion are not compatible.
  • Deep constant analysis is a faithful companion

Go for it! And your predictions will be read by novice bettors.


Sports predictions are tricky. Profitable bets are born in the union of sports analytics and logic. A whole layer of professionals are working in this area.

These are experts - popular sports commentators, handicappers - professional forecasters, their portfolio has positive balances for at least 300 bets. 

Predicting results in sports is their strong point. The Internet today provides enough resources to find information. Use proven sites and services, take into account the opinions of the pros in the world of betting.


Things to consider when choosing a bet:

  • Previous game statistics.
    • Command structure and its changes.
    • The presence or absence of injuries on the team and players of your choice
    • Motivating players
    • Player Specifications
    • Other points (force majeure, judges, weather, change of coach, etc.).
    • Sports news (follow here)

    It is the combination of all these factors that will help determine the likely winning bet.

Good luck for you with one win!

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Реально крутая бк. Одна из немногих, которые щас имеются. Но хотелось бы побоше информации
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